12Stars Vs KUCC -T20 SemiFinal

BCF T20 Semi Final @ RBCC ground on 10th July 2016

KUCC Vs 12 Stars Cricket Club
Early Morning:
After a great game with Crescent CC last day by bowling them out at 61, it is a new fresh sunny morning for 12 stars to wake up for another triumph. Cricket gear still carying the old tench smell of sweat, beer, grass and hardship (with captains deodorant prominently attached to every one’s gear after excessive hugging  ). It smells ambitious today. Weather looks like a clear poetry. Every one is to reach the ground on time and it seems most of us did  (hint hint). The looks of the ground seems like a beautiful landscape waiting to be explored with gentlemen’s game. Every one looks in hurry to strap his pad and move on to available nets in order to feel the leather against the willow. It sounds great.
Both captains are invited for the toss and with great deal of luck strolling along 12 star side, toss is won. 12 stars elects to bat and aims to put good total on the board. Captain arranges his troops and smiles. He almost knows he does not have to say too much. All he asks is to put their 100 percent effort and go for their game. Pads are out again and two openers Swaroop and Rahul are on their way to pitch to take up the challenge of a team they have not played before. It is exciting and both have looks of proving some thing important.
1st Innings:
Match starts with KUCC putting their opening spell bowlers in the ring. 12 stars openers start cautiously for first few balls and then they start working around. Swaroop seems more aggressive of two with taking on bowlers. His technique is absolute and his timing is impeccable as flow of boundaries start from his bat. Rahul looks into partnership situation and starts supporting his mate with elegant shots and working around the ball. This is a total turn around from the last few matches as openers show their class. Things are moving ahead as 5 overs have passed and 12 stars is almost around 50 run mark. Run rate is great and partnership looks stable. While trying to hold the feel of stability, 12 stars are taken aback with their first loss of Rahul’s wicket as he is out caught on beautifully played 19. Next man Bhushan joins Swaroop on pitch. Strokes start to fly off again from where Rahul left. Things are looking good as the run rate is still hovering around 7.5. Of course KUCC is also handing their help in our score with few extras. Swaroop keeps his momentum on the go and while he is on 42, he scopes a back foot drive on the up to point where he is caught. Well played 42 with intentions clear to win. Amit, with mature head, joins Bhushan on pitch and keeks the score ticking with pace as left by Swaroop. However he is held up by Haider with Diwan Ali’s bowling after sending one across the boundary in his stay of 10. These are quick successive wickets and 12 stars is put slightly on to their back foot. Captain sees the opportunity to show his team how to come back and joins Bushan on pitch. Bhushan knows he has a part to play and he starts to play some magnificent shots around the ground with 4 skiers across the boundary along with 2 lovely shots on the ground. He never knew that his story was written for this match specially as KUCC also lends him hand in scoring 50 quickly. His mates in 12 stars and spectators cheer for him. Unfortunately with this mile stone, he miscues one and is caught for a good 50. Overs passed by are already at 15 over mark. Captain is still on the pitch and now it is party time. Ayapun joins him on pitch with score already around 150 mark. Ani plays well for 34 with 5 fours and 1 six. The score has reached to 175 when he departs at 34. The batsmen make sure that we have reached 189 land mark by 20 overs. 12 stars is satisfied and now looks towards the second innings as hopes are high.
2nd Innings:
Ani and Rohan will start the attack from 12 stars side. Hopes and enthusiasm is high for all guys. Captain Ani gets every one around and appreciates the batting effort. He is still smiling and he should as guys have just changed the batting tactics around completely. 189 is a momentous score but he mentions the effort still needed as next team is in Semi final for a reason. KUCC openers look motivated and they walk briskly towards the pitch showing their intent clearly. They are here for business. 12 stars knows what and how they will play. Bowling starts from one end with high spirits but soon it looks KUCC openers are going for every thing with slashes. Luck seems to be favoring them as they reach score of 77 in 9 overs with out loss. Spiners from 12 stars are not able to contain them as their slashes seem to sail around. Plus some mishaps in the field help them. Score has reach more than 100 now in 13 over with out loss. Tricky times for 12 star. Rohan is brought back to attach and gets the first wicket to put some change into match. Captain makes an outstanding change again in bowling by bringing Ayyapun into attack along with old horse Amit. Ayyapun starts to pull back the score with great out swinging bowling as it is too much for slashes. With this pressure, Amit cashes in by not only taking wickets but also slowing down the run rate. He takes three in his four over spell and pulls 12 stars right back into the game. At the end, KUCC manages 167 for 5 in 20 overs giving 12 stars their access to T20 Final. Jubilation’s all around with in 12 star team and every one is now looking towards the shine of the cup.
12 Stars win by 22 runs and reaches the final of BCT T20 League.
12 stars has dropped few catches in the field and gave away some few extra runs. They need to work on it as it will turn out to be very important in final.

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