Juniors Sessions (Trainings + Games)

** 2023-24 Winter Schedule announced!! **


Our Junior Training Program:

We engage the juniors with cricket all through the year – during the season from April to September and off-season of October-March. We have a 6 member team of coaches led by our head coach Rohan. The kids are divided into 2 groups based on their skill level: Initiation and Advanced. 3 coaches pay special attention to the beginners. Each kid will be tracked on their skill level throughout the year and worked upon to improve their skill set.

Our yearly plan is as follows:

Indoor – off-season – October-March:

Indoor training takes place at the Salle Van Oost indoor facility. This will help juniors improve their techniques so that they are well prepared for the outdoor season.

!!! If you want to try one session for your kid, please bring your kid for trial!!!

  • The first leg of the training starts from October for about 10 sessions till the end of December. We end with a junior tournament in the last session.
  • The training continues with the 2nd leg starting from January till the end of March. We end with a junior tournament in the last session.

—> Any additional days of training (during the week) will be communicated.

Indoor training at VUB facility, Brussels

Outdoor – during the season – April-September:

The outdoor season has both training and official games with other teams

  • Training: The training continues now outdoor as the weather gets better. We train the kids at a cricket ground in Wemmel from April till the end of September, every Sunday 9 am-12 pm. Actual schedules will be communicated, as well as updated in the calendar.
  • Official games: Our junior team will participate in the Junior league with other club teams (Calendar is published in March-April) organized by Belgium Cricket Federation under the supervision of ICC.

—> All the details will be communicated regularly in a Parents WhatsApp group: before each training cycle, before each session etc

Outdoor League game 12 Stars Juniors vs Oostende Juniors

For more details please send an email to [email protected]