Midweek Match report, 12/May/16, Bob Parker Cup – Big ‘Bang Bang Bang’ theory!

12 Stars Draw First Blood!

Iyyappan started it off with a wicket of the very first ball of the match.
Iyyappan finished it off with a huge Six!
The story in-between…
Bob Parker Cup got underway in style with an emphatic win for 12stars.
As expected traffic conditions ensured stipulated overs be reduced to 17 per side. Conditions were near perfect for a great match. One of the grass cutting ‘Robots’ was on sick leave and that sealed off all the boundaries in that zone. Had it grown some more, would have stopped even the Sixes of of our ‘Bahubali’
Despite the early wicket, our ever friendly opponents ICCB, kept the scorers busy with two players retiring after scoring well made 25+ runs  in quick time.  Nauman with his consistent leg spin brought down the Run Rate below 7. Two sharp throws from Ishaq and Ramee effected run-outs comparable to universal standards. It is worth to note that these two attended the last week practice sessions.
109 to win in 17 overs!  A steep target indeed, especially with fading light and sight screen issues on one side. Yeah, that is the uncut grass again.
Chris Gayle would have made a note of the Rahul’s Clean Hits of the 2nd Over!
4, 4, 4, 4, 6, .
Rahul was in a hurry to get back to the pavilion, retiring in just the 3rd over as he surpassed 25 run mark.
While our middle order were perfecting their straight batted defences and good leaves, the asking rate slowly kept creeping up in the dark. 15 required of the last 6 deliveries. Iyappan took guard for the first time in the match.
And Bang, BANG, Bang
                                                           >>> Game Over <<<

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