Match Report: 12 Stars-1 Vs Crescent CC


9th July, the most hyped game of the Year. Last year’s champions of Belgium vs Runners up.  Last year when they met, that game decided the CHAMPIONS. This is year its too early to say, but still a match maybe to be won with more than BAT n BALL, ironically that’s how the CHAMPIONS won last year 😉 😉

SUNNY DAY, perfect conditions for a good game of cricket. Team arrived, not ideally not time but still OK. The Champions were here, looking at their brigade it looked as if the they had brought the best team possible , even stronger than last year.

12 stars were preparing for the game, practice now, stretching, catching  etc etc. hti swas a game to be won, to get back into the DIV 1 race and also to AVENGE last years defeat.

Aniruddha won the TOSS and elected to BAT unlike last year. We got to the worst start possible, losing our openers RAHUL and SWAROOP in quick succession. Ani and Bhushan consolidated the innings, before ani fell to a lets say “ unnecessary aerial shot “ 🙂 🙂  …and bhushan playing into the hands of the gully fielder. A lot of batting still left, but after ayyapan fell, 12 stars crumbled and fell for meager 90 in a DIV 1 league game.

Lunch was brought in by  RAVI, some guys calm, some skeptical, some worried, but 1% belief that we can pull off the game was there and we wanted to capitalize on that. Message was clear, INTENSITY, 200% on field by everyone. Rohan started the proceedings with line and length bang on target, but missing the edge quite often. Ani accurate as usual started the business with a wicket, caught by Manoj. That opened the BIG GAP. Rohan was taken off the attack after 3 wicket less but accurate overs :). Nauman came in to replace him and once again REST IS HISTORY. Nauman went on to take 5 wickets for his team some good fielding and excellent catching proved detrimental for Crescent cc and they couldn’t hold on to their nerves. One after the other all their players fell prey to some excellent bowling.

12Stars got them all out fore 60 and cemented a win and A REVENGE to cool off their heads and minds for a bit, but the bigger picture still remains the race for DIV 1, tough task ahead but still trying :). Last wicket by manoj was highlight -> typical test match wicket with 5 fielders around the batsman and caught at forward short leg by Nikhil.

Overall a high intensity game -> 12 stars should play each game like this , take each game as its last and fight, fight and fight harder and to support that you always have an “ AGGRESSIVE A$%HOLE “ in the team.:) 🙂 🙂