AFGHAN JALEBI: T20 QF 12 Stars vs Afghan cc

Saturday morning, Sun out a bit 😉 unusual –>attributing to the global warming’s contribution to the already gloomy weather of belgium. The game was on.
Everything started on time, guys on time, umpires on time it was scripted. Ani won the toss and elected to bowl. Afghans could be devastating if they get going and 12 stars knew they had to take early wickets. They sent their 2 best batsman saber and Aziz to open and 12 stars sent once their “shooting star” and currently under the RADAR of so called selection committee–>  Rohan’s First ball a loosener on the leg and dispatched rightfully to the boundary, Little did any one know that this would be the only boundary of the day. Ani did what he has to, took of rohan and got nauman aka “LALA” in the third over and rest is history. Some over excited batting led to 2 wickets in the same over and ironically, same fashion –> STUMPED. and then rest over by over spinners did their job and took wickets. Afghan cc at one stage were 28/7, where 12 stars were expecting 120 atleast to chase on bilande.
The last pair played sensibly and with some loose bowling from 12 stars took the score to 52 before rohan came and took his consolation prize as a wicket.
12 stars took a break and started the proceedings against a very good bowling attack, that afghan had, every year people leave this team yet this still produces amazingly fast and  accurate bowlers. some hiccups her and there. Low scoring game past still fresh on our minds, we defended more than finishing it off in a few overs. 12 stars took a unusal 16 overs to finish off the game. Amit and ayyapan seeing it off. Still batting has some improvement to be done. Bowling unit looks commanding and in good shape 🙂
Overall a great win and first time in Semi FInals of the T20 tournament. !2 stars seeded very low in T 20s have proved yet again they are not a team to be taken easily. Lets see this momentum could be carried till the end.
MOM–> nauman aka “LALA” for his accurate bowling 
Thought for the game –> “An individual can change/influence a game of cricket but only a TEAM wins the game”

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