25th Anniversary Celebrations

Message from our Chairman: Anthony Brand

Dear All,

I would like to thank each of you on behalf of 12Stars C.C, for the support which you have shown not just recently, but also over the years.

Last week, we celebrated our 25th anniversary as a club with a semi-black tie event at our fabulous new ground at Ferme de Bilande at Overijse, henceforth to be known as the Bilande Cricket Ground (BCG).  To the family Le Grelle, we say thank you for trust which you have shown in us, we will take very good care of the BCG and do everything we can and with your support, make BCG one of the premier cricket grounds in Belgium.  To the BCF, Notts Sports, Andrew Scott, Ted Vorzanger, Chris, Colin, Jerome & Emily,  thank you for the various contributions which you’ve made and continue to make towards our club and making our dream become a reality.

Finally, I say thank you to Celine of La Cerisaie who catered the event excellently. Special thanks to Christina DS who has done so much for 12Stars over the years and who has been considered a 12Stars member for some time, though we are still waiting to see her play 🙂   Raj mate, you can have a side career as an after dinner speaker you were so good.  As can Manoj and Dave whose photographs chronicle club life.  Manoj’s and Phil’s powerpoint presentation and speech was an excellent trip down memory lane and great entertainment on the night.  It included words submitted by our first Chairman Richard Swaine who unfortunately could not be there on the night. However it was great to see Ramesh Patel, Jake Stafford and big Phil Thomason who all came in from abroad for the weekend.

A thousand thanks to everyone who helped lay the pitch.  You are too numerous to mention but know who you are.  Let it never be known how much work we put in on those 2 days otherwise none of us will ever get out of gardening duty again 😉 Yet we would be nowhere without Simon of Notts Sports who expertly led us to accomplish a task which seemed quite beyond us at times.

And praises to brother Som who raised us up off the floor when hearts and spirit sank low on that rainy Mon night.  Like a general, you carried us over the line that night.  We were all heartbroken at your loss and that you could not be with us last week.  We look forward to your return.

12 Stars is looking forward to the  next 25 years.

More than a club.

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