2013 Weekend Moments

Author: Amit Kumar Raghav

Since the time of its inception, when some cricket enthusiasts decided to form a club aptly named 12Stars, there have been numerous achievements. But none whatsoever can come close to the starry heights achieved in 2013.

From the days when a captain had to use every means to get 11 players on field and a miracle to get a scorer, to the momentous day our club introduced a second team, what a journey it has been!

12Stars fielded two teams one in Div 2 and the other in Div 3. Apart from the 45 over league, 12Stars also participated in T20 league, BCF league, Bob Parker league and numerous weekend and midweek friendly games. This was the year of cricket. Some would say too much, others would predict it to be an appetizer for the coming years especially with the new home ground there is scope for many possibilities. With an increased

number of registered members,

as well as an increase in the numbers in the 12stars family, at this rate it might soon be called a galaxy.

To say that we have been struggling to reach Div 1 since 1992 would be an understatement. We missed the boat sometimes to PCCB and to Arcadians.

Out of 8 league games, 12Stars won an outstanding 7 of them, making us Division 2 champions. It would be nice to go down memory lane and feel a bit nostalgic about the great moments, some outstanding performances, some back to the wall performances, and last but not the least, the great camaraderie which makes us very different from any other club in Belgium.

I tend to think that cricket is the greatest thing that God ever created on earth – certainly greater than sex, although sex isn’t too bad either.

Harold Pinter English playwright

2013 made us learn fast and gave opportunities to all and sundry courtesy the advent of second team. It was a pleasure playing and watching 12Stars perform on and off the ground. There is a special camaraderie among us Stars which should be lauded and something we should be proud of. We even had high attendance rates of our WAGs and family; something which surly boosts our confidence (but what we won’t say out loud or acknowledge in case it all goes ‘tits up’)

We are at the crossroads of turning big into huge, with possibilities of a new ground and maintaining two teams along with a junior’s team. All this would not be possible without the support and encouragement from each other.

Let’s bring ourselves together and strengthen the existing spirit of camaraderie, where all nationalities can thrive and all abilities are equally welcomed. Where people are respected not only because of cricketing skills but also for what they bring to the team and our community. We are all contributors and are winners.

We are entering a new galaxy, we will shine more, but not at the cost of dimming others.