Interested in becoming a 12 stars member ? All new members are most welcome.

All members must complete the membership form and agree to pay the appropriate membership contribution (see below). Membership form can either be sent via email to or can be collected in person.

Membership Fees:

  • New members in their first year at the club pay € 160
  • Gold Membership € 250 (≥ 10 games for the season) – includes all net sessions
  • Silver Membership € 160 (< 10 games for the season) – includes all net sessions
  • Students/unemployed Membership € 80 – includes all net sessions (needs to be approved by the Chairman)
  • Juniors Membership € 50

The 12 Stars Bank Account Number is BE80 310-1154291-77 (ING).

E-mail: Please mention in the Transaction Remarks your <LAST NAME> <FIRST NAME> <MEMBERSHIP YEAR>.

More Information:

  • We have an active Junior Team which participates in the Under-11 Category.
  • We represent in League two teams:
    • A Team in Division 1 (BCF National League) and
    • A Team in Division 4 (BCF Flemish Open League).
  • We also participate in BCF T20 league games. There are total four divisions in Belgium.

All the above formats are played only during the weekends.
We do have a mid-week fixture which is called “Bob Parker Cup” which is played more in a friendly spirit and less competitiveness.

Apart from these matches we also organize intra-club, friendly games (Home and away) and tours (with-in Europe).
You can use club-kit for the equipment. We recommend you to buy your own whites, L-Guard.

Once you become a member, we need to register you with BCF (Belgian Cricket Federation) before you can represent 12 Stars in BCF competition. This is a regulation that needs to be followed by all Cricket Clubs in Belgium.

Registration process needs following details:

  1. Payment confirmation (screenshot or an entry from your bank would be fine)
  2. Belgium ID or Passport copy (Scanned/Capture from camera-phone will also do)
  3. Address in Belgium
  4. Mobile phone number
  5. Passport size picture

You can reach our home ground and directions in our location page